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This seaweed infused osmotic wrap will boost up the effect when used with your reducing and firming treatments .This osmotic wrap is an extendable wrap for daily use at home, at work or during sport activities while waist training .A must include Essential for your waist training journey. Maximize your work outs and waist training regimen with this slimming body wrap . Simply wrap it around your preferred target area like your stomach, arms or even buttocks. This wrap will stimulate thermal activity under the skin, making you sweat more with minimal effort.The more you use the wrap the more you will know your exercise is working.The slim osmotic body wrap is recommended to use with your favorite slimming cream with waist trainers & body shapers.For best results, we recommend you use the slimming wrap with your waist trainer, or bodyshapers every time you work out to maximize your results or daily with your garment. Body wrap design for daily use to reduce volume and inches.Antiallergenic It helps yourself to strengthen, improves the circulation of the body, to eliminate the cellulite, to detoxify his body and they help to mobilize the fats in order that they could be eliminated naturally.Recommended to use with our LGG sweat gel  and shapewear garments

Slimming Osmotic Body Wrap

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